iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Yes! We are currently working on a case design for the iPhone 6 and then the 6 Plus.  Unfortunately, it will take some time before we have a final version ready.


Other things that work in the credit card holder

We wanted to point out some cool things that our credit card holder can carry.

The first thing is the Coin.  We had a chance to check out some of their early production units and can confirm they fit in our credit card holder backplates.  Coin is really exciting as combines the separate credit cards you carry into one single physical card.  You can carry multiple credit, debit, gift, and loyalty cards on one Coin.  You can also get alerts if you leave your Coin behind.  The video below does a good job of explaining its function.  Preorders (50% discount) are ending soon!  It’s pretty brilliant stuff.

The second thing is the wallet bottle opener.  It’s a bit more low tech, but we’ve had quite a few requests to make a bottle opener backplate, we thought we would let everyone know of this alternative.  It fits nicely into our credit card holder and is held nicely in place when the opener side goes in first.  It’s nice and affordable too.


Interested in 3D Printing? Enter Our Design Contest

shapewayscontestGraft Concepts and Shapeways are teaming up for a contest!  The winner will receive $500 worth of printing from Shapeways and four iPhone cases from Graft Concepts.

When we designed the Leverage i5, we had 3D printing in mind.  We specifically made the thickness of the backplate to match the tolerances of popular 3D printing materials.

We wanted anybody to be able to design and print backplates for our Leverage i5 case. So here we are, releasing 3D files of our backplates free of charge.

User’s may share, modify and make commercial use of the work, all we ask is they drop a link in their file description to our site our site at: http://www.graftconcepts.com

That means anybody can create a backplate that fits on our Leverage i5 case.  We are really excited with this experiment and can’t wait to see what innovative ideas people come up with!

Getting Started

Download the template STL files off of our Shapeways page.

If you are not already familiar with 3D printing, check out some of the tutorials Shapeways has posted on their site.  The have a great set of forums too.

The files we are providing are:

  • Flat: the plain backplate 3D file of the backplate that comes with all Graft Concepts Leverage i5 cases.  Use this a template for building your own backplate.
  • Credit Card Holder: This is the same as the injection molded a backplate we are selling.  The current file allows for carrying 4 credit cards.  You can modify it to carry more or fewer cards.
  • Headphone wrap: this backplate allows the headphone cord to be neatly organized.  You can can adjust the size to match the particular model of headphones you use.

You can download our files for free, or if you’d like the physical 3D prints, simply purchase them through Shapeways.

Enter The Contest!

  • Design a backplate for the Leverage i5
  • Click on the “Create” Link on the top navigation bar on the Shapeways page.  Select “New Product”.
  • Upload your design and tag it with “GraftConcepts” (one word)
  • Put a link to http://www.graftconcepts.com somewhere in your description so that people know the backplate works in conjunction with an existing product.
  • Save the be sure to check “Display to public” so that we can see it
  • Do this all before June 30, 2013 and the guys at Shapeways will get together with us to help pick the backplate with the most utility and style.
  • The winner gets $500 worth of printing from Shapeways and four iPhone cases with two credit card holder backplates from Graft Concepts.
  • A runner-up will receive two cases of their choice and a credit card holder backplate from Graft Concepts

Make something that would add an extra function to the case, we’ve uploaded a wallet replacement and headphone cord wrap as examples of utility backplates.  Feel free to upload as many designs as you want. Submissions will be accepted through the 15 June 2013 and one winner and a runner-up will be picked.

Judging will be done by employees of Shapeways and Graft Concepts using criteria based on a combination of uniqueness and/or utility. Number of “Likes”, “Tweets, “Pins” will also be taken into consideration, especially for those close calls.

Contestants must provide a title of their design and a brief description of how it functions in order to help in judging.

Winners will be announced on the Shapeways blog.

Faster Customization

3D printing provides products in a matter of days, not months.  There is no need for tooling, which is expensive and time-consuming.  There are no minimum order quantities.  Our factories require that we order thousands of units at a time before they are able to produce anything, but with 3D printing, you can just print one piece of whatever you need.  Prints can also be made in a variety of different materials.  Check out what Shapeways can print by browsing their materials catalog.

Terms and Conditions
Free prize draw, closing date: 5pm EST June 30th, 2013 · The winner will receive $500 worth of 3D Printing from Shapeways and 4 iPhone cases from Graft Concepts. · The runner up will receive two cases of their choice and a credit card holder backplate from Graft Concepts. ·  Each winner be notified in writing by July 15th, 2013. · No purchase necessary. · Multiple entries allowed. · Entry must be on display to public to be eligible. · All IP for all entires remain property of the designer as per standard Shapeways terms and conditions. · All entries, images, renders and 3D prints may be used by Shapeways and Graft Concepts for promotional purposes.  · By entering this competition, entrants will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the conditions. · No cash or other alternative prizes available. · The prize draw is not open to Shapeways employees or their families. · The promoters decision is final and no correspondance will be entered into. · Promoter: Shapeways LLC, 419 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10016, USA

Leverage i5 Shipping update

A quick update for those eagerly awaiting their pre-ordered Leverage i5 case. we’re very excited, our first shipment is airborne from China and expected to land on US soil sometime tomorrow. The shipment still needs to clear customs which my take anywhere from one hour to one week depending on how backed up they are (sorry guys customs is out of our control). We’ll be shipping out cases as soon as we receive the shipment from customs.

Unfortunately the tooling for the Credit Card Backplate is going through a few more tweaks before units are production ready and China is on vacation, as of today, celebrating Chinese New Year for the next couple of weeks. As soon as everyone is back from holiday we will continue with the Credit Card Backplate and get it out to all our pre-order customers as soon as possible. We’ll have more detailed delivery date information for you guys as soon as it becomes available to us. Fret not, all the pre-orders will ship with a normal flat backplate to keep your iPhones cozy until the Credit Card Backplate arrives.

Below are some photos we took of actual production units to hold you over till our precious arrives:535048_547693288588147_705221245_n 544376_547693311921478_1979575195_n 559976_547693298588146_553559999_n 483631_547693281921481_1192737511_n 69247_547693265254816_1343781700_n 44346_547693251921484_1574717324_n 549417_547693248588151_640300394_n

Pre-order Update

Pre-orders for the Leverage i5 will be shipping through the first and second week of February. Credit card holder backplates will be arriving a few weeks later.

Final approval has been given to the factory line, and production for the Leverage i5 is currently in full swing.  Packaging is being produced in parallel and looks to be on pace.  Once the finished units arrive at our office, we will give them a quick examination before they get packed and shipped out to customers.


Reviewing samples

Unfortunately the tooling for the credit card holder backplate is going through a few more tweaks before units are production ready.


Production ready unit